Oliver's Army!

Official clan website

Clan owned by 231Asher231, Afif318, and Eldeejay



Our website is currently under development. Sorry for the lack of content!

What makes us special?

Wecome to Oliver's Army! Here we will treat you with respect and honor you for your service. We will NEVER disrespect or show hate towards any member no matter what. Everybody is treated equally. We stride towards victory, do it our best, and play it like champions! Join us already...we're waiting for YOU! :-)

How can I join OVAR?

To join Oliver's Army, you can visit our official clan page (this will be posted shortly) or you must be invited by a Recruitment Officer or higher. If you have requested an invitation from a Recruitment Officer or higher and haven't been invited to the clan yet, then please ask another member, we hope to see you soon.